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Friday, March 06, 2009

Google now offers you Money Saving Tips - courtesy TipJar

Yes you heard me right - the internet behemoth that has amassed fortunes in its Internet business now offers you tips on how to save money. Well, that a very intelligent thought after plan given the current economic crisis.

Head over to TipJar and you can see it all in action. Tip Jar is actually powered by Google Moderator Engine. This itself began as an experiment for the Google App Engine in the early days.

Tip Jar is well thought off and it is segregated into 9 different regions/categories. This allows users to share and receive tips on finance, food, vacation, shopping, kids & family, cars & transit, at home, at work and miscellaneous topics.

But as always, TipJar is riddled with opposition due to the following clauses by Google :
"By posting or voting on a suggestion in Tip Jar feedback, you give Google the right to use it freely without compensation."
and also..
"You agree that Google has no obligation to use any idea or feature request you post or vote on in any Google product, service, or web site. You agree to not post any material that is copyrighted or subject to third party proprietary rights or that violates any third party rights."

What is your opinion on this folks? Do you feel Google must have the last say on this?