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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Most Authoritative Technology Blog clocks over 1000 RSS readers!!

Yes - I was in for a very rude shock by my audience. This humble little blog of mine crossed a huge milestone of having 1000+ RSS readers last evening. Thanks to all you folks out there who have been instrumental in it.

I started this tech blog way back in September of 2006 with only one straight intention - Share the knowledge of Technology that I have with all the people out there. True to my intention I have remained loyal in updating the blog with useful tech related articles, how to's , tips and tricks.

Though the number of articles posted has steadily declined for the past few months - for reasons that you are all well aware off. I will surely get back to regularly update this space with technology stuff.

Thanks again folks for staying with me and my humble tech blog for all this time and also into the days to come.