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Friday, April 10, 2009

Easy to use Free iTunes alternative software for Windows Vista

Most of the folks will say that Apple’s iTunes software used for syncing and storing music/videos on your iPod is not a lightweight application - makes your system to run much slower.

I have been installing and testing iTunes release after release for quite sometime and I have noticed that the total over all installation does grow to include several hundred MB of temp files (much like Nero does). First of all, iTunes is a 80MB installable. One may argue that 80 MB is not much of disk space nowadays, but installing software isn’t like storing files. Software registers itself to thousands of places, adds many, many files to many, many different folders. Also, it may add services, which also run in the background, thus perhaps slowing down your computer. 80 MB may also be compressed. It might be much larger when installed and all files are taken in to account.

This is exactly where Free iTunes alternatives come into the picture and Froddle Pod is one such alternative. Froddle Pod is awesome. I was using iTunes and now I’ve tried out this app, I don’t think I’ll be going back to iTunes. Froddle Pod already has heaps of features iTunes doesn’t. I loved the normalization feature, just plugged my iPod in, clicked normalize iPod, went and got a bite to eat and came back to an iPod with completely normalized music. Froddle Pod is definitely worth the download!

It certainly is not as feature rich as iTunes but it has the essential stuff hat you need: It can copy music and videos from and to an iPod which is the most wanted feature for an iPod user. Froddle Pod can also backup and restore all data that is stored on an iPod. Go ahead and give Froddle Pod a spin!!


  1. Anonymous said,

    Okay, so I have 2 ipods and 2 mp3 players in my family. I'd like to be able to have just 1 digital music collection that all of us can use. Right now iTunes is a pain to load mp3s from, and I can't figure the best way to have me sync my ipod with iTunes, then have my wife come sync hers with her custom music/video/photo library, then have my kids use it to load music (but avoid loading some of my wife & I's music) on their mp3s. Do I need a different software? Which one?

    on 9/16/2009 4:24 PM