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Friday, April 10, 2009

How to Uninstall Windows 7 easily without any hassles

Many of you might have installed Windows 7 and may have found a few of the features annoying and would like to Uninstall Windows7.

If you previously had Windows XP or Vista exist in another partition and having problem to boot into Windows XP or Vista. Then follow the instructions below to restore your desktop or laptop to boot only XP or Vista and completely remove Windows7

  • First insert the windows 7 dvd into your DVD drive.
  • Next goto Start > Run in the start menu and type cmd
  • If your dvd-ram drive for example is on E: (where the dvd inserted) then type "E:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt52 ALL /force" in the DOS window opened by the cmd command.
  • Finally Restart the machine
This easy procedure will restore to boot only Windows XP or Vista and after you log in you can format/delete windows 7 partition from the computer where you had installed it.

I got a lot of inspiration from my previous article How to Uninstall Windows Vista easily without any hassles. Hope this article too helps.


  1. MeNuMyLiFe said,

    thank you but I don't download windows 7 when I 'll buy Windows 7 with $??

    on 4/19/2009 7:16 AM

  2. Anonymous said,

    Nice post very easy and quick

    on 4/24/2009 5:44 PM

  3. mai said,

    i tried doing that but it always say the device is not ready what do i do now?

    on 10/21/2009 2:23 PM