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Friday, April 10, 2009

Some of the benefits of investing in gold

Gold is a universal standard for ages so that itself constitutes to be a pro but it is an investment like anything else, it can go up and down. But you can always be assured that Gold will never go out of business and when the United States dollar gets weaker the gold goes up. On the contrary have you realized that just because the dollar is down doesn't mean the price of gold is not over inflated.

So gold investing is like any investment you need to be comfortable with what you are buying.

However getting the hot stock is not necessarily the best thing to invest in, looking at undervalued stocks can make you a healthy profit, especially if you are investing over the long term which is the smartest way to do it.

So here are the pro's and con's of investing in Gold.

  • Universally accepted traditional store of value.
  • Gold will still exist if/when paper dollars and other currencies collapse and also in times of crisis.
  • Gold does not produce income by itself.
  • Gold can suddenly lose favor and stay depressed for a long time (but this has rarely been a case in the present age)