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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The best free mobile phone alternative mobile browser to Opera Mini

Skyfire definitely seems to be the best alternative mobile browser to the Opera Mini. Skyfire is a speedy, Flash-playing mobile browser and best of all it's free. Skyfire also provides especially the Windows Mobile users a desktop experience with support for CSS, Ajax, QuickTime, Flash 9, and also Silverlight.

Skyfire has a cool feature called SmartFit, which actually reformats the text on a webpage so that it's as wide as your smartphone's screen when you're zoomed in on any specific section of a page.
Though Skyfire offers all kinds of advanced features, it's pretty cool that the basic features haven't been forgotten too by the developers. It has a full-screen mode and it can help you store cookies and bookmarks. It's even possible to bookmark a specific location on a web page!! (Kinda Web Slice offered by IE).

The main reason why Skyfire is so fast and full-featured is that the browser is server based. When you browse to a web page with your smartphone, it's actually being opened on a Skyfire server, which then sends an image of the page to your phone. Now that causes some security and privacy concerns.

Currently Skyfire is freeware for Windows Mobile and Symbian based phones only.

Hope Opera Mini is watching!!
Get Skyfire here.