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Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to save a document in PDF or XPS format easily in Office 2007 (Word or Excel or PowerPoint)

Did you know that you can easily save and edit your Word or Excel or PowerPoint files to PDF or XPS (the new pdf format used by Microsoft) format. All you need to do is download a small software patch from the Microsoft Website which allows you to easily save any Office 2007 document in PDF format.

Once you install the small patch, you will start getting a new option in the SAVE to save it in PDF or XPS format. This is particularly useful for officials who would like to circulate an important document or a circular among colleagues, but would not like the colleagues to edit or modify the contents.

I was using a few free PDF printer but that just had too many limitations, like the outputted PDF file was non searchable by any search engine (or desktop search) as the contents were encrypted and also, the PDF files generated cannot be edited later using Adobe Acrobat Professional.

Do, give this cool plug-in a try and it'll be useful for you sometime or the other.