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Thursday, May 07, 2009

List of Free recording / editing softwares available online : Studio Quality mixing at home

Last week, I got a new mic for my pc and wanted to record some songs - but I found that Windows doesn't come inbuilt with a good quality music recorder software. So I started researching online to see what some of the pro's use and what are the essential features that are needed to make a recording software good.

I also researched on various aspects involved in editing the sound bytes you have recorded. Since, most of the post-production editing is what makes the music much more joyful and pleasant. there are just too many settings and things to take care while recording is what I came to know.

So, here is a list of the top 4 Free recording and also editing softwares that are there in the internet. Do check them out:

  • Audacity : This is by far the best audio recording and editor software. It is in par excellence within the entire free software as well as the paid software market for audio recording and editing software. It makes professional editing a child's play all at the comfort of your fingertips.

It comes with some very cool features like Multitrack recording and editing - I just love this, coz you can have different background music's playing on different tracks and finally merge all of them to produce a fantastic mp3. It is also packed with multiple functions to improve the recorded sound and also include different kinds of effects. I for once, love the echo effect - and also play the fool with the reverse effect.

There are two versions of Audacity available for download - but I would suggest you to pick the beta without fear - I have used it for sometime now and it works perfectly. One more thing is that you will need to download a codec called Lame to save all your recordings in MP3 format.

  • PodProducer : This piece of software is designed especially for those on the move but need to record stuff. Though the software is specially designed for PodCasters (a new breed of Bloggers of sorts who speak out the articles and produce shows rather than write articles). It has features that are similar to using a mixer. You have the special ability to add and mix music and effects while you sing.

But the flip side of this software is that it does not allow editing of the sound files you have created. Also, I have a small tip for you - keep the volume of your voice high and keep the background(mix music) volume lower for better results.

  • WildVoice : WildVoice's functionality is very similar in manner to Podproducer but it is much more powerful deep down. As usual you can record your voice or song while playing music or effects in the background. But if your OS is Vista, you'd probably not use this software since it has many problems (I tested this software on my Vista test Box and had just too many issues).

It comes in-built with some very nice sound effects that you can be very useful for you. Looks like the developers have stopped working on newer versions for quite sometime now but the current version available for download works fine (except that the Vista OS issue).

  • Wavosaur : This is by far the smallest available sound recorder and also comes in a portable compressed zip format. So no need to install it to make it work, just carry it in a usb and plug 'n' play when needed. The best thing is that it also allows you to do some advanced editing too.

Do check these softwares and let me know how you like them? If you are using any other softwares that for recording and editing sound - do let me know.