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Friday, May 15, 2009

New Changes to your favorite Google Search - Is it fighting against Twitter Search?

Looks like the Google Engineering Team has finally sensed a clear and present danger from a least expected quarter. Since, Google Search is not real time and the indexing is based on the frequency of when the Google Bot has visited and indexed a particular website. Many folks who want to find instant news head over to another service called Twitter - yes you heard me right Twitter is where people are searching to get the latest updates.

Though the authenticity of the news on Twitter may not match that on other reliable news websites that Google links to, but the first hand report as sensed by people can be easily obtained on Twitter. Currently you have a who's who on Twitter ranging from professional organizations like Nasa (the recent Hubble Repair was tweeted), White House, and even the recent epidemic like Swine Flu was tweeted first hand across the globe.

Now coming to the changes made by Google is the new link that you get called "Show options...".

On clicking "Show options..." you get the new options to narrow down on your search - and lo, you have a new options there called "Recent results" and also "Past 24 hours" which is clearly going in the path of true instant search.

Way to go Google - we hope to see more such innovations!!