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Monday, May 25, 2009

Online Courses - Demystified...

My close friend has been taking online classes for quite sometime now - though in the initial days the number of websites or companies offering online coaching has just a few, but nowadays you have so much of a choice.

I like the fact that since the entire course is online its all self paced so one can really go as fast or slow as one wants to. My friend being a out-of-the-box thinker finds that the online course helps him to be a self motivated person and also to want to Finnish up the class ahead of time.

Some online courses have excellent support for MCSE, CCNA, k alliance, etc. Online courses are mainly designed for people like me who like me don't like sitting through lectures. I personally feel that I don't need to be spending all that time bored while other people waste my money with stupid questions and whining about this and that.

With Online Courses I get to spend more time at home with my friends and family that's always good!! There are also some cons. In Online courses if you don't get some concepts its nearly impossible to have someone explain to you what is going on. Also, testing for finals is also very hard. A lot of professors don't give you study guides or information on the final - they just go on and on about the concepts. It is always hard to know sometimes what to focus on. You can't negotiate whats going to be on the test and what will not appear.

My friend says that it's a lot more reading that you need to do in a online course and also you spend more time reading than you would in a traditional class. I would suggest for classes that you think you might be strong in to take it up as online courses. When it comes to classes that you think you might be weak in I would suggest you to goto your college and join a face to face course. Hope this gave you a good demystification.