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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Now Download the Firefox 3.5 RC2 Beta version

Just two days back I had posted an article
Download the Portable FireFox 3.5 Release Candidate 1 (RC1) for Free

about the first Release Candidate (RC1) version of the all new Mozilla Firefox and lo in a day or two we now have the Firefox 3.5 RC2 already ready for download. I am not sure how the guys at Mozilla were able to spin it out so quickly but nonetheless they have managed to do it. There hasn't been any official communication from Mozilla yet on the RC2 release.

You can check the Firefox 3.5 RC2 release on the official website.
Alternatively, you can download the installer here.

P.S: Those who have already downloaded the Portable Firefox 3.5 RC1 simply need to update their version by going to Help > Check for Updates inside their Portable Firefox 3.5 RC1 menu.

Let's watch out for more news to follow - I am sure there were some major security flaws in RC1 that had to be addressed quickly.