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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Some very Essential Baby Travel Tips

Did you know that if the baby travels as a lap child, you are required to pay only the tax portion of the airfare. You might have room next to you to put the baby, but you might not. You may have to hold the baby the whole time, which could make you more exhausted. Instead if you pay an infant airfare, which is about 75% off the adult fare, then you can have a seat for the baby and bring along a car seat to strap in. I would suggest this option because it's much safer and easier for you as well as the baby.

One of the best option's is to leave at night - though its harder on you, but will make the trip much more bearable. You will be provided with the bulk head seats as these are the only ones with bassinets. Take plenty of bottled drinks and allow your child to drink these as you take off and land to help with the pressure they might feel in their ears. Avoid taking toys that jingle or squeak as you have to think of the other passengers and these could be much annoying. Take plenty of nappies and small amount's of food for the baby.

I would suggest you to pre-plan your baby travel which will make it more fun and will also provide you with lots of valuable safety tips related to baby travel is concerned. Make sure you cover the windows so the sun does not burn the baby . You can even use a sunblock.

Dress the baby in many layers. Make sure you use top quality diapers, and not the cheaper as it leads to leaking shortly. You should travel relaxing and baby also should sleep well and travel safely.