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Thursday, July 09, 2009

100 Free Stunning Bing Wallpapers

WaterDrops_ROW2687378166 Following my last article “ How to easily set the Bing Wallpaper of the Day as your Desktop Wallpaper automatically? ”, I decided to go deep under and unearth all the Wallpapers that have made it to the Bing website. I could find 100 such wonderful and superb Wallpapers that can make your Desktop simply stunning.

All these wallpapers have a size of 1916 x 1024 pixels which must fit almost all screen sizes. If you want to download the entire set of 100 Wallpapers, you can get it from this link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/ctjiaeynwmm/Jsbi 100 Free Bing Wallpapers.zip (.zip , 78.9MB).

Else, you can click on each of the Individual images below and on the resulting screen you can right-click and save the Wallpaper.
Update : For some strange reason - the individual images have been uploaded in 640px × 342px below. So, it is advisable to download the entire set above that has the
1916px x 1024px images is high quality. If you need only a particular wallpaper, feel free to mail me a request .

Please Note that the Images are copyright to their respective owners. And also, Bing is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

Click to Enlarge and Save

Arlington_EN-US114955413 AuroraBorealis_ROW4031861839 Badlands_bing Badlands_ROW2191840911 BananaSeller_EN-US2005967927 Bavaria_ROW338524611 BernerAlps_EN-US3580231131 bing_Whales BoraBora_ROW1156016689 BostonSkyline_EN-US892475580 Brittany_ROW115281643 ButchartGardens_EN-US349242808 CalabriaCoast_ROW1974044658 CanadaDay_EN-CA2533599383 Cappadocia_EN-US2598611891 CheeseMarket_EN-US1793811388 ChocolateHills_ROW2804917182 CinqueTerre_EN-US2206014527 CostaRica_ROW1929301562 Cranes_ROW2008022745 D-Day_EN-US2936352986 Denali_EN-US794296373 Dover_ROW2439373480 DragonBoats_ROW3326629705 Echidna_bing Echidna_ROW490989587 Egret_bing Egret_ROW655357013 EverestBaseCamp_EN-US452702895 FathersDay_EN-US369490406 FerrisWheel_bing FerrisWheel_ROW52276381 Fish_ROW919673108 FlagDay_EN-US2358731568 FloatingMarket_EN-US520414795 Florence_EN-US532715301 Forest_ROW1370166796 Frog_ROW1810342392 Galapagos_EN-US119036681 GreatBarrierReef_EN-US1690380444 GreatWall_ROW66146856 GroupSurfing_EN-US1526099514 HangingMonastery_EN-US2455561163 Hohenzollern_ROW576262286 HorseheadNebula_EN-US1846128122 IshikawaSwans_ROW656540896 JurassicCoast_EN-CA163366762 JurassicCoast_ROW163366762 KilaueaLighthouse_EN-US611043787 LadyLiberty_EN-US2206298371 Leopard_ROW1758115688 Liedschendam_EN-US1201241475 Lighthouse_ROW578993043 Lion_ROW236151605 MantaRay_EN-US2239617195 Miami_EN-US833113996 MilfordSound_EN-US1003822754 MtWuyi_ROW1309836186 NavajoBridge_EN-US2344157524 Nebula_ROW20681348 NiagaraFalls_EN-US1204394802 NupsstadurFarm_EN-US182736156 OldTown_EN-US2987493159 OperaHouse_EN-US3920829536 Otters_ROW966687006 Palouse_EN-US2070877667 Patagonia_ROW1058169587 PerceRock_bing PerceRock_ROW684636910 Pinnacles_ROW920069056 Pollen_EN-US1698974598 Porcupine_EN-US15128822 Preikestolen_bing Preikestolen_ROW128591211 PrinceWilliamSound_ROW637625974 RedPlane_EN-US1784983453 RioGrande_EN-US1188273243 RiverDouro_EN-US3038161065 RiverWalk_EN-US1417142760 RollerCoaster_EN-US3152143793 Santorini_ROW1884971014 StockholmStreet_EN-US2730708395 TajMahal_EN-US328173635 TheStrip_EN-US2498420012 TowerBridge_EN-US1995582282 Uluru_bing Uluru_ROW1515037638 VictoriaFalls_ROW2363910524 View_ROW302279770 Villandry_EN-CA1510444303 Villandry_ROW1510444303 WaterDrops_ROW2687378166 Waterfront_ROW679081218 Whales_ROW831086092 WhiteDesert_ROW976164225 Yangshuo_ROW187269489 Yoho_ROW1677688557 Zebras_ROW1968304150 Seahorses_EN-US2462057904 SpiceMarket_EN-US386014261

Hope you liked these. Do let me know your thoughts.


  1. Nice photos.Thanks for sharing the link to download.

    on 7/11/2009 6:28 AM

  2. Srividhya said,

    WOw Jason !! keep such links on frequently

    on 7/23/2009 10:29 AM

  3. ali said,

    hi..thanks 4 da wallpaper..can u share how did u manage to get the 1916 x 1024 pixels images instead of the smaller one

    on 11/15/2009 1:04 PM

  4. Jason S said,

    didn't get u Ali?

    on 11/15/2009 1:06 PM