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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Gift Ideas : Custom USB Pen Drives

drive-harddisk-usb A few days back I had written an article on “35 Interesting, Funny and Practical USB Pen Drive Designs” which was liked so very much by many of our readers’ – I received just so many mails. Well, as I was pondering over that article today – I struck upon an idea which could make a company’s gifting solution really easy and innovative.

A custom flash drive is a very simple yet very effective gift that a company can provide either to it’s employees or as part of promotions / campaign’s. There are just so many different types of Custom USB Pen drives that can be tailor made to suit each company. The advent of cheaper Solid State memory of 1-2GB has made this idea much more practical and also very effective.

Let’s say a company that sells laptops / Desktops give out a 2GB Custom flash drive with their name etched on it along with the website url – The pen drive is surely gonna change many hands as a person uses it over a period of time. This leads to a lot of publicity. Also, if the USB Pen drive doesnot sport the common leather / metal outer casing and instead features the company’s logo or mascot – it’s surely gonna be a real publicity spinner and will make much more people get interested about the product that is being marketed.

The costs involved in this kind of passive marketing is much lower when compared to print / media ad spends but they target the right audience and instils a positive marketing pitch with the prospective customer. The best part is that the gift is very practical too and is many times useable.


  1. jasonbhai, cos surely use it, the one I saw on the other day was given by MS in one of their .net seminars, it surely looked cheap but its a good ad media anewayz.


    on 7/03/2009 12:36 AM

  2. Jason S said,

    oh cool. Nowadays a 4GB one costs < Rs.450 in retail shops. So, I assume 1-2Gb to be < Rs. 200. In bulk, it's gonna cost even lesser than 100.

    Really good way to market!!

    on 7/03/2009 12:48 AM