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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Nokia N97 : Beast Unveiled : A complete Review

Nokia E-series and N-series mobile phones have for a few years now had, by far, numerous capabilities than any other mobile phone out in the market - but they've not all of the time embodied to be the hottest or held the most encompassing mass appeal. Also, though Nokia sells many more smart phones than anybody else worldwide, they've not aimed or commercialized the US market to a great extent.

Nokia have got at last flaked the rubble and propelled onto the post-iPhone touch screen era. But whereas Apple borrowed quite a couple of UI elements from the Motorola Ming, and some other producers successively proved to imitate the iPhone look and feel, Nokia has considered a decidedly distinct approach path.

Pros of the nokia n97:
  • The keyboard is okey-dokey. They're not the most adept keyboard out in that respect and also there Is not umpteen tactile feedback from the keyboard as such.
  • The camera. is a very good 5 MP, dual LED flash one. It takes very nice pics, but why not utilize a single xenon flash instead I would really ask?
  • Looking for a specific contact is very engrossing with a fresh type of exploring that reminds of the SureType technology incorporated in the BlackBerry Pearl.
  • Google Maps -This mappings application is exactly as perfect on a n97 as elsewhere.
  • There's a courteous lock button on the side of the n97 that appears reasonably responsive (you can easily lock/unlock with a snap of your thumb).
  • 48 GB storage capacity so beneficial

Cons of the Nokia n97:
  • The touchscreen applies resistive technology and not capacitive technology like in the Apple iPhone. You'll have to apply the tip of your finger for most dependable response and not the bottom flesh of your thumb.
  • Zero iSync support.
  • The batery life on an n97 is like 24 hours.
  • The deficiency of an editing version for Quickoffice can really be a damper too.


  1. Urban-Clicks said,

    The resistive touchscreen is the most disappointing feature of the N97... Paying 34K for such a old technology is not at all justified... It's high time Nokia intros capacitive touchscreens...

    on 7/30/2009 3:05 PM