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Thursday, August 20, 2009

All you need to know before Hosting Multiple Websites on a single Hosting Account

Nowadays we are increasingly seeing that the prices for registering a domain name and also for web hosting have moved steadily southward and have now reached a point where it's possible for you to host multiple websites without going broke. But if you are thinking of hosting multiple websites on a single hosting account, the information given below will be surely of a lot of help to decide on the different options that are on offer.

The very first check you need to do is to verify if the web hosting provider allows you to host multiple websites. Also, you need to personally decide if you want to host all the websites with the same web hosting company. There are a lot of web hosting companies nowadays that offer packages for you to set up multiple sites on a single account. BTW, setting up multiple sites on multiple accounts, one for each site is available with every provider.

Next, do a self analysis and see if you are satisfied and happy with the current web hosting provider you're using for your current website(s). This way using them again for another site you'll already know if they offer good service and support. Also, getting in touch with their relationship manager might help you get some additional discounts for considering to host multiple sites, that way your costs will become lower since you have considered to stick on with the current provider. But if you happen to choose a different web hosting provider you will be able to easily compare the quality of service and support offered by another company - which will let you decide on future plans of expansion. Also, if happen to ever run into problems with the new provider, you still have an alternative to switch back to your older provider. As the saying goes "put all your eggs in one basket" is not a very wise decision.

Well, there is yet another very good advantage of using a different Best Cheap Web Hosting is that you will get a different IP address for each of the websites that you host. If your websites are related to each other and you want to link them together at some point of time, having different IP addresses can at times help your website to rank much higher in the search engines ratings and page rank.

Hope this information was useful - do share your thoughts on this too.