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Friday, August 14, 2009

Search for any mobile number details online easily using Google PhoneBook effectively

Most of us love to Google about ourselves to keep a tab on what's going public about something our friends or even some unknown folks have written about us online, on chat boards or forums. What you must also know is that a large number of employers / prospective employers also consider this route to do some background checks on their employees before even considering some candidates for an interview on their premises. Well, these can be for good for many and also bad for a few - but nowadays many of us use online aliases to conceal or have a distinctive online identity. For example take my 'jsbi' well - I started out to use jsbi to abbreviate Jason S Bangalore India, now lot of you folks now the url of the website as jsbi. But did you know that you can use Google for even personal benefits, like looking up the phone number of your friend that you may have lost touch from a few years.

Yes it is possible with Google, nowadays it's like anything you want look up for it on Google - that's the kind of analogy!! But many folks who use Google daily too - or even every minute donot know about the Google Phonebook feature or even it's existence. The easiest way to search in Google is to use the regular search but that'll return you most likely a million records and sifting through all the junk it returns will take a few light years I suppose. On the contrary when you want to search for someone's name and phone number, you just have to put quotes around the name or phone number and search it helps narrow the results down to the minimum.

But if it is a phone number that you are searching, you'll need to know how to search for it on Google Phonebook. This is akin much more simpler and very easy than you need to do a regular search. All you have to do is type phonebook: in the search box followed by the name and then hit search. Eg. phonebook: Jason S. If Google has a match in it's vast database - it'll come out with all the results. But the only catch here is that it works on in US currently.

Well, but you can always use Google Phonebook to easily know who was trying to reach you whenever you get a phone call from some unknown number. Many a times we get phonecalls from numbers which we are not aware off and at these times you can easily search for it online and find out who it was really. You can also try this Phone book if you want to store the contact's details.


  1. Anonymous said,

    Oh Man, I am not interested in Phone numbers. However got very fascinated by seeing the Linked in plugin you are using in this blog and installed it in mine too. Cool... It really does what it says. Thanks a lot man...

    on 9/18/2009 8:00 PM