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Thursday, September 17, 2009

3 Critical Mistakes to Avoid when choosing the right Web Hosting

If you are looking to host your website / blog / e-commerce website - this article ill surely be an eye-opener for you and a must read. This is one of the common three mistakes that I have seen folks committing very often while choosing a hosting provider for their needs.

Common Mistake #1- Do you need someone to do it for you and you end up paying over the roof for it in the end! Always remember that a good hosting company will hold it easy for you to host your very own website or websites without any prior knowledge about the same. Most of them will have something called as a "Control Panel" in your account where you can easily navigate everything you need to accomplish along with very simple and easy Video Tutorials to walk you through it. All this you can execute it with the right choice of top web hosting company!

Common Mistake #2- Purchasing the incorrect hosting plan- If you're a individual person who perhaps desires to put up a bundle of sites on online to make some additional income with, then you in all probability just require a "Shared" plan. You'll share space with other people on the server.

If you're a small commercial enterprise and barely would like to host your primary website, then you too hardly need the Shared plan likewise. Nevertheless, whenever you're executing some big things with your website and want additional security you might prefer to upgrade to a "Dedicated" plan. You'll possess your very own server for totted up security and speed all at your beck and call.

Common Mistake #3- Not heeding to the control panel settings correctly. If you're playing along someones videos that will demo you how to create websites that make you revenue in a few seconds. You need to watch out the control panel they are using in the video recordings. It's most probable to be a cPanel, the commonest for all hosting companies. You'll save yourself a headache by applying what everybody else uses if you're learning from other people.

So, avoid those three errors and you will be able to be rest assured you're making an excellent decision with the company you use to host your website or blogs.