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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The all new My Phone - cloud based services for Windows Mobiles - Reviewed

Along with the release of Windows Mobile 6.5 , the My Phone services have also been launched. It is a cloud-based FREE sync service that allows mobile users to back-up contacts, photos, text messages, videos and also calendar data onto a protected website which is hosted on the Microsoft Cloud services.

It also has a premium service offering for $4.99 which has so many cool services and features that will definitely be a bang for the buck you spend!!

The best thing is that the 'My Phone' premium package also comes with a Web-based GPS system that can provide accurate location of a lost phone. It also has an ability to remotely send a "lock device" command with an "if found please return to ." message which seems to be simply superb.

And the other best part is that you can also remotely send instructions to wipe off all the data on the phone. That's not all, the service seems to be good value for money since it also has an option to ring off a very loud location alarm just in case the phone has been misplaced, this can be really useful if the mobile has fallen between the couch cushions, or has simply disappeared inside your house or car without actually being lost.

And all this is very easily integrated using your Windows Live ID - so all looks very seamless to use. keep up the good job Microsoft!!

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