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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Exclusive 40 Leaked Maemo 5 Screenshots from Nokia N900

Hey folks,

Lots of leaked Screenshots of the upcoming Maemo 5 OS on the Nokia N900 have begun to surface all over the internet. But here are some very exclusive leaked screenshots of the superb UI that Nokia will come out with in a few days from now.

The new mobile operating system will be out on the N900 and you can see lots of new features and UI enhancements on the Desktop, Music Player, Contacts look-up, Menus, etc that truly make it stand out from the earlier buggy Maemo 4 on N810 (WiMax release) and Maemo 3 on the N800.

While we wait for the Maemo release next month - have a look at the exclusive screenshots!! You can also subscribe to availability alerts for Nokia N900 deals on Omio.com for when the Nokia N900 is released.

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