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Friday, October 09, 2009

How to easily download Entire / Complete Photo Albums from FaceBook

A few days back, we had been on a trip down country side with my friends. We were about 10 of us and carried 6-7 cameras. As one can expect - after returning from the trip we had 6 different sets of photos - some snaps were good in some camera's, so I had to download each of the albums to store it on my Hard Disk for personal memoirs. But how do I do it?

Well - I started hunting for an app that could help me download entire albums off FaceBook easily. Then I found a very cool free Firefox plug-in called as FreePAD - short for Facebook Photo Album Downloader!! It allows you to easily download entire albums of photos of friends off the internet easily.

P.S: This will work only in Firefox - so you need Firefox to be installed first.

  • Download the FacePAD Firefox extension directly from here. You may get a message block from Firefox - right click and allow that.
  • Once you have installed - You will need to re-start Firefox to begin using the new extension.
  • You will now see FacePAD added to your list of Plugins in Firefox.
  • Head over to your friend's profile page and click on Photos. There you will find all the albums of your friends. Simply right click on the photo album and you will now get a new option "Download Album with FacePAD". Go ahead and download the album.
  • Currently you get a weird message to indicate that the album download has begun.
  • You will now find all the photos of the FaceBook album neatly downloaded to your Hard Disk with absolutely no effort.

Now that's a really cool app to have. Makes tasks that much more simpler and fun.


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