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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Windows Mobile 6.5 is finally launched and available for upgrade

Well, the much awaited Android killer - Windows Mobile 6.5 has been officially launched now. You can't really call it an Android or iPhone killer OS, coz both of these have a very low market share on the smart-phone sector when compared to Windows Mobile. The much awaited Windows Mobile Marketplace app store is also wide open now.

Some new stuff that has been released along with this is the latest Bing Mobile app that is available, the My Phone sync app has also been polished and a new security service has been launched as part of the new makeover. The complete list of devices running on Windows Mobile 6.1 than can be easily upgraded to Windows mobile 6.5 has also been released.

Currently we seen only three HTC devices namely Imagio, Tilt 2 and Pure along with a Samsung mobile called Intrepid that will come pre-installed with Windows Mobile 6.5. But all this is limited only to the US. When it comes across the world, Microsoft will have more than 30+ phones in over 20 countries that will be running the swanky new Windows Mobile 6.5 by this year end.

My Phone seems to be a very interesting cloud-based FREE sync service offered by Microsoft that allows a user to back-up contacts, text messages, photos, videos and also calendar data onto a protected website. Also the site allows users to post such content directly over to facebook, Myspace, Windows Live or Flickr. There is a service plan for $4.99 for the premium 'My Phone' package which will include features that helps users to recover data from their lost devices.

The new Windows Marketplace has all that Microsoft Mobile has to offer today for grabs. Currently it has a large number of Free and less than $30 paid apps that can be easily downloaded to your phone right from the marketplace. In a few days we will have a i-tunes kind of setup to browse the marketplace over a PC and then bill and send the content to the phone. All these services will be offered under the umbrella of Windows Live ID.

Coming back to Windows Mobile 6.5 OS, the operating system core seems to be unchanged and looks like some polishing has been done on the UI front to make it much more finger-friendly for the latest touchscreens.

So, lets watch out how well the users take on the Windows Mobile 6.5 OS and so also the Marketplace!! Meanwhile checkout the latest Motorola DEXT Deals here - they have really good ones.