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Thursday, November 12, 2009

HP PhotoSmart Free Printer Giveaway contest - Day 1 of 7

After the initial announcement of the HP PhotoSmart Free Printer Giveaway contest this morning - I have been virtually flooded with mails. Most of them asking why the contest is open for Indian residents only. Sorry about that but we were constrained by the Logistics and hence wanted to restrict the contest only to Indian residents.

So, lets get started off with the contest for today.

The Power of Touch

HP started talking about something called as Print 2.0 way back at the Web 2.0 Summit held during October 2007. At that time the Print 2.0 concept looked more like a strange paper initiative that many company's talked about. At that time it merely looked like what many other company's were doing by adding a 2.0 tag to their businesses. But through the years, we have witnessed HP going through a conceptual shift which is very well captured by this very cool video placed on YouTube.

Way back when HP started the InkJet Revolution by introducing the HP ThinkJet which was the first mass-marketed personal inkjet printer. Inkjet technology very much spelled the end for the noisy dot-matrix printer. Those were the days when the web was at it's infancy. The printer very much evolved from the clunky, noisy boxes to integrate personalized features that can make printing more intuitive and simple. And “touch” became an important step forward.

The new HP PhotoSmart Premium C309G takes the “touch” evolution several steps ahead with a breakthrough TouchSmart user interface which is called as the “Magic Frame”. HP wants to make the printing experience seamless with the concept of TOUCH.PRINT.GO . The HP PhotoSmart Premium C309G printer is also the first-ever web-connected printer - what this essentially means is that you can very easily view, edit and print lab-quality photos from their online albums on HP Snapfish without even connecting your printer to a PC. Now ain't that cool.

Coming to the question of the day :

Day 1 : Fill in the blank - HP Enables Consumers to Simply XXXXX, Print and Go?
(Hint: Check out HP’s FaceBook Page or read the article above again carefully )

Click here to give your answer to the above question and also enter the contest. Rules of the contest are available at the following link.

P.S: You need to answer only the XXXXX at the contest entry page.