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Monday, November 16, 2009

HP PhotoSmart Free Printer Giveaway contest - Day 4 of 7


Ever-since HP first started incorporating touch into it's Photosmart range of printers way back in 2006 - things have evolved so much. There have been lots of evolutions to make the new touch experience that you experience in the latest range of printers to make it that much more user friendly and intuitive. It's not just the hardware and the touch responsiveness that has evolved but also the UI and the underlying software that powers up all these. The new features incorporated into the dynamic graphical interfaces strive to improve the overall user-experience and also makes printing directly right off the printer a far more instinctive approach than never before.

Did you know that the new HP PhotoSmart C309G makes touch-based processes that much more satisfying with the all new multi-touch capable hardware(much like your iPod Touch or iPhone) and also the software is tweaked to react to the very lightest touch of a finger, thereby making the experience that much more fun and easy.

The HP PhotoSmart Premium C309G also features a very smart one-touch wireless set-up. Best of all the new HP PhotoSmart Premium C309G comes in a sleek new black design with piano finish that'll compliment any desk and it's sure gonna grab a few eye-balls.

So, here's the Day 4 question coming your way.

Day 4: When did HP first incorporate touch technology in the Photosmart line?
Answers : 2009 | 2006 | 2004

Click here to give your answer to the above question and also enter the contest. Rules of the contest are available at the following link.
P.S: You need to copy paste the answer only at the contest entry page. E.g: 2009

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  1. binoyxj said,

    Submitted my entry :D Fingers crossed!

    on 11/16/2009 11:35 AM