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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FaceBook Login

As you all know by now - Facebook happens to be the single most popular Social Networking website on the Internet. Facebook currently has approximately has more than 400 million active users currently worldwide, which makes it the most sought after web property second to Google.

When you are speaking about 400 million users on facebook, the Facebook login problems are also very similar to the login problems that you will face on any other website online. What I am trying to emphazize here is not the common forgotten username / password kind of problem but at most sophisticated problems related to phishing Facebook accounts which many other large websites online too have to worry about - did I forget google's set of misseries in the early days?

We currently have two different versions of the Facebook Login page online - the standard login page to your facebook account that loads up on your web browser, the other version is called Facebook Lite which is mainly a mobile version of Facebook with faster loading times and also less data on the page. Both these pages have an option called the forgot password which links to a page that helps you change the Facebook password in case you have forgotten the original facebook password.

I would recommend users who often forget their Facebook password to use an online Password Manager that helps you to easily fill your password when online. An online password manager will remember the username and password for your Facebook account, and it will also automatically fill the details into the login form at the Facebook homepage - some even have the functionality to do a Facebook login automatically too (How lazy can it get folks!!).

Well, Facebook users often experience other login problems that may not be really related to the Facebook login page o- at such times it is recommended to clear the web browser cache - which will help you fetch a new copy of the website form the webserver again. I can also think of another way to overcome the Facebook login issue by using a different web browser from the one in which you are having problems to see if the login problem still exists. If it still exists you can very well be sure that web browser is not the real problem here nor is it to do anything with the browser settings that may be the culprit for the Facebook login problems the user is facing.

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