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Sunday, May 09, 2010

We now have Intel Atom processors to power Tablets and Handhelds

Intel Atom processor’s have been known for their power-saving architecture, proven transistor and circuit design and also unique manufacturing process techniques that have made them the market leader in the netbook market. But now we have a new kid in the block – Tablet PCs!

Tablets PCs have entered the mainstream with the introduction of the Apple iPad. Intel today unveiled its newest Intel Atom processor-based platform (formerly codenamed as "Moorestown") – the chips are called the Z6xx Series Family (codenamed "Lincroft" system-on-chip [SoC]), the Intel Platform Controller Hub MP20 (codenamed "Langwell") and a dedicated Mixed Signal IC (MSIC), codenamed "Briertown."

The new platform aimed at Tablet PCs has been specially repartitioned to include the Intel Atom Processor Z6xx series, which will include the 45nm Intel Atom processor core with onboard 3-D graphics, video encode and decode functions, as well as memory and display controllers into a single SoC design. It will also include the brand new MP20 Platform Controller Hub which supports several system-level functions and I/O blocks. Also the dedicated MSIC integrates power delivery and battery charging, and consolidates a range of analog and digital components.

What’s very interesting with this release is that the new chip platform brings in a very "PC-like" experience with fast Internet, 3-D graphics, multi-point videoconferencing, multi-tasking and advanced voice capabilities. Most importantly full 1080p video support right out of the chip. We have many players like Dell, HP, who are planning to release new Tablets in the coming days which would directly compete with the Apple iPad and Intel’s new Z6xx chips will surely give them a winning hand in it.


  1. Rituraj said,

    Yes... Intel has left ADM, the world's second biggest microchip maker, Intel works on Innovations. So this is also a finest example of innovation.

    on 5/11/2010 4:03 PM