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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Windows 8 Activation Key Serial Available for Free Download

Though we - the loyal customers need to wait a couple of months before we get the legal copies of Windows 8. The Windows 8 Activation crack is already available online for Free download. It has been barely a couple of weeks since Microsoft made available the RTM version of Windows 8 to the OEMs and lo we have the activation crack already available for Windows 8.

The Windows 8 Activation crack is available on a Chinese Forum(Link cannot be revealed due to piracy concerns). The Windows 8 Ultimate activation crack has been built on the OEM version of Lenovo's Windows 8 OEM DVD. The DVD ISO of Windows 8 along with the newly available crack is already leaked at the forum. Anyone who uses the leaked .ISO, along with the OEM-SLP product key of Windows 8, coupled along with the activation certificates can be obtained through the boot.wim - helps you run Windows 8Ultimate Final version.

The new activation crack uses a very simple technique of exploiting the "OEM Activation 4.3", which happens to be an updated volume license activation system by Microsoft that was earlier available from 2009 with Windows 7 and known infamously as "Activation 2.0". Looks like Microsoft hasn't learned from the mistakes coz, Activation 2.0 was previously the easy module break into Windows 7 way back in 2009 when Win 7 hit the stores.

The new crack which has been successfully been built on a Windows 8 volume license means that anyone who uses this cracked version can install Windows 8 on numerous machines without any limitations as such.