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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Why should NFC be switched off when not in use?

NFC or Near Field Communication that you find in almost all modern smartphones except Apple products is a set of standards for smartphones and also any other device to establish radio communication with each other by simply touching the area having the embedded NFC chip together or bringing them into close proximity, usually only a few centimeters  This is a pretty hassle free method to make two like devices communicate.

All you folks who are using Android phones or tablets have a very easy way to regulate NFC and also NFC feature can be turned off very easily. But if NFC happens to be a service you use on a routine basis then you would want to think twice before switching it off all together. Since you will end up turning it on and off all the time, although it’s a very simple process. 

For the folks who don’t actually use NFC often (like me) you can just keep it disabled for quite a few very good reasons - save a bit of battery life and also keep your Android phone or tablet free from any malicious attack in the form of NFC transfer. To have NFC disabled, click on the apps link and scroll to find the “Settings” link. Then, tap the “More” option beneath the “Wireless and Networks” section. Some of these steps may slightly vary based on the phone you use and also the version of Android operating system that your phone is running.