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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

MSN to have featured LIVE concerts to users

Microsoft promises to bring MSN's 465 million worldwide monthly visitors live performances via a partnership with Control Room. Formerly Network LIVE, Control Room has already been producing MSN, and the multiyear agreement regarding the distribution of live content is an extension of their previous collaboration.

Microsoft revealed that the relationship is scheduled to debut officially on October 2, 2006 with a live performance of singer, songwriter and pianist John Legend, live from the Royal Albert Hall in London.
“With the video content market surging as it has been in the last year since Live 8, we have proven that there is a robust market for a company like ours to change the way live entertainment is consumed, now and in the future,” said Kevin Wall, CEO of Control Room.
“With MSN, we have found a global partner that sees the value and profit in providing our rich and cutting-edge live entertainment content to its consumers worldwide.”
“By working with Control Room to add original, exclusive content, we create an even deeper engagement with our global audience, thus unveiling significant new opportunities for advertisers,” said Rob Bennett, general manager of Entertainment and Video Services for MSN.

“With this collaboration, artists now have an extremely valuable, cohesive, global marketing and promotion avenue to reach and connect with fans worldwide, while in turn it creates another key access point for consumers to get high-quality content from the musicians they love.”