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Friday, September 15, 2006

Zune Multimedia Player from Microsoft - More than an ipod killer

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Microsoft's new Zune it's just more than an ipod killer. It’s a 30GB player that comes in three colors - black, white, and brown - and plays back most major file formats.

The first Zune branded digital media player will hold 30GB and will be available for the holidays. It features wireless connectivity, a built-in FM turner and a 3-inch screen. The big feature is its ability to share music wirelessly with the ingeniously named Zune-to-Zune sharing.

Of specific interest is the social sharing system. It features 802.11 b/g wireless that allows users to send music to one another. You can actually send a file to another Zune user, but it will only be playable three times or stored for three days, whichever comes first. This applies to all songs. Even if you decide to make an MP3 of your cat mewling, even though it’s your own intellectual property. The goal, obviously, is to sell music. I suppose you can connect to the Zune Marketplace - and presumably an artists home page - where you can learn more and buy music.

The Zune will include in the box earphones, a protective sleeve, a USB sync cable and a sticker. There is currently no price or release date, but Microsoft promises competitive pricing and availability by the holidays.

Preview the player , a small video clip :


  1. Anonymous said,

    the zune is amazing and cool it has great life I can watch all my favorite movies and play all my music and the screen is so mush better then ipod and a bit better then the creative M it is easyer then to use then the creative M ipod may be harder but not much I had an ipod the screen had to much glare the creative has a beautiful screen not quite as big and I love the screen on the zune the wi-fi is a work in progress thats becuse it only works for 30 feet but other than that it works great the play back is amasing I LOVE it don't get
    an ipod get an zune or creative

    on 12/24/2006 10:40 AM