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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

4 Processors + 128GB DDR2 RAM :: New System unveiled

Appro, the American leading provider of high-performance enterprise computing systems, has come up with an all-new XtremeWorkstation rig designed for professionals who require speed, high performance and efficiency when working with complex and memory-intensive high-end applications as per this press release.

The Appro XtremeWorkstation is specifically built to make the most out of two to four X86 AMD Opteron 8000 series CPUs coupled with 128GB (!!!) of DDR2 memory.

The XtremeWorkstation features two PCI-Express x16 slots that may be the host for professional graphics arrays made up of NVIDIA's Quadro FX4500 X2 or Quadro FX5500 cards. The enormous quantities of onboard RAM provide more than four times the graphics, processor and memory bandwidth, leading to 25 percent lower memory latencies and twice the computer power of prior models.

This is definitely a machine I would love to lay my hands on!!