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Sunday, February 25, 2007

A free webcam monitoring application :: Cerberus

Cerberus is an easy to use webcam monitoring application. Monitor up to ten webcams at a time. Each webcam can be set to upload an image to website, intranet, etc. at regular intervals. Every webcam can be set to upload to a different site (Internet, intranet, ftp, etc.). Images can be archived in a 'time lapse' mode where images are saved at regular intervals, to provide a history of the webcam view. Cameras can be set to upload in single image upload mode and archive mode at the same time, but uploading to different locations, locally or via FTP.

An easy to use webcam monitoring application. Monitor up to ten webcams in realtime, in a fully configurable environment. Upload captured images from each camera to a seperate website/intranet/network/ftp site. Save images at regular intervals in a 'time lapse' sequence - or do all of the above - for EACH camera. The application has many uses, monitoring the outside of your house, monitor your house while you are at work, keep track of a baby that is sleeping upstairs.
Features include;
  • English, German, Portugese and Finnish languages.
  • Captured images from each camera can got to seperate locations.
  • Each webcam can capture at a different size and different interval.
  • Monitor up to ten cameras at any one time.
  • Option to save every captured image in 'time lapse' mode.
  • Option to activate capturing at specific times every day.
  • Built in viewer / player for captured time lapse images.
  • Telnet connectivity. (simple command set as example).
  • Set the output size for each camera.
  • Add overlay graphics to the final saved / uploaded image!
  • Motion capture modes.
  • Alpha blending on overlay images.
  • Rotate mode, cycles through available webcams.
  • XP Style support.

    The application can be downloaded at : http://www.paulalanfreshney.com/cerberus/