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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Check out the new Google Desktop 5 Just Released

Google announced a new updated version of Google Desktop 5 able to provide better results and improved performance.
Google Desktop 5 is the downloadable application provided by the search giant that was meant to bring the power of the online search engine on the desktop of every computer.
The sidebar included in the application is now transparent and is able to take the color of your wallpaper, producing a better image of the desktop. The gadgets are easy to install, the interface is transparent, and the search functions are more powerful so you should really give it a try.

The most interesting aspect of the latest version of Google Desktop is the security of the application that was extremely threatened in the last period by two security flaws identified in the program. One of the vulnerabilities allowed an attacker to connect to the affected computer and view all the information indexed by Google's tool. Personally, the search giant released this latest version to avoid possible security issues because this latest edition is surely safer.

As you'll observe when you'll test the application, the company introduced some notification that will be displayed every time a user clicks on an untrusted link, document or file stored on his computer that requires an Internet connection.

You can download it from http://desktop.google.com