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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Google's Blogger too many fake blogs - a big concern

Blogger(the free Blog service from the Google Stable) is surely the most popular blog service on the Internet because it is powered by the search giant and provides numerous powerful features. It seems like Blogger is no longer a safe place because it is now the target of several spam attempts launched by hackers from every corner of the world.

Security company Fortinet sustained there is an impressive number of attacks already confirmed, so Google should really investigate the issue and take action to block them. Although the users are 100 percent vulnerable to these blogs because they are unable to make the difference between a clean and an infected blog, they can use the report function to help Google protect other visitors of the page.

The main malicious use of the blog service is the creation of fake blogs meant to attract users and spread malware or other types of infections.

In the past, there was another security attack concerning the blogs and especially Google’s blog service. Blogger was attacked with an impressive number of spam messages, also known as splogs that were posted as comments for a certain article. The search giant managed to fix the vulnerability by introducing captchas, the security images that require users to enter the displayed code.