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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

How to easily find the correct drivers for your devices in Windows Vista?

Many of you might have had problems getting the right set of drivers for Windows vista. Windows Vista has problems in having drivers for many devices that Microsoft deems as less used. we now have a problem wherein one of our beloved device's will not be recognized correctly under Windows Vista reducing its functionality or that the device doesn't work for good with Vista. We have an in-build option to search for drivers, but that option was bad in Windows XP and is worse in Windows Vista. Searching for Windows Vista but this takes lots of time and knowledge.

Here's a very simple way to find the right set of driver's for Vista - just visit the Vista Drivers website that lists a whole host of drivers for all sorts of devices and brands. The main page lists many of the most known hardware manufacturers such as ATI, Creative, Dell, Intel, Nvidia and Logitech with the latest addition for their devices. You can access all drivers from those popular manufacturers fast by clicking on the more link. This displays drivers for all of their devices that are currently listed on the Vista drivers pages.

The other method would be to list all drivers that are currently in the database which is a huge list of drivers separated into different pages. All links lead directly to the download page for that driver which eliminates the process of finding a driver on a homepage.

Hope this makes your life simpler and enjoyable with your new Windows Vista!!