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Sunday, March 11, 2007

How to remove DRM legally from WMV file collection you own?

After my previous post on "How to remove DRM legally from the iTunes collection you own? ", I decided its time to remove DRM from wmv files. Well, it's much simpler to remove DRM from WMV files. All you will need is Fair Use 4 WM - a freeware which can be downloaded from this link.

So, let's now look at how to proceed in removing drm from wmv files, so here are the simple steps.
  • You will need to uninstall Windows Media Player 11(if its already installed). To do that go to the Start > Control Panel > add / remove programs. Remember to check the show updates box and remove any WMP11 updates as well.
  • After the Uninstall of Windows Media Player 11 and Windows Media Player 11 Runtime and restart your system.
  • Delete all the contents in the folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM\ (if the folder exsists).
  • Now download and install Windows Media Player 10 or Windows Media Player 11 Beta 2. Restart the system after the successful installation.
  • Open up Internet Explorer and visit this media player website. You will need a genuine version of Windows XP, otherwise the update button will be grayed out. Your media player will be individualized during the process.
  • Obtain new licenses from your media providers and start fair use 4 wm.
  • Click on recover keys, next and add the wmf files that you want to remove the drm from.
  • Select a directory where the drm free wmv files should be saved to and watch how fair use 4 wm removes the drm of the wmv files.

Cool right!!


  1. Anonymous said,

    Hey Jason, I'm pretty sure that the mere act of removing drm is illegal in the U.S.

    on 3/25/2007 11:47 AM

  2. Jason S said,

    Hi Pal,

    It all boils down to the agreement you had AGREED to before using the service.

    Well, I guess - when you have paid for the music - you must have every right to use it the way you want to. In a non-comerical way that is.

    Jason S

    on 3/25/2007 12:38 PM

  3. Anonymous said,

    how do I get Fair Use 4 WM?

    on 3/26/2007 10:09 AM

  4. Jason S said,

    Use the link given in the article.


    on 3/26/2007 10:12 AM

  5. Anonymous said,

    legal or not, dosen't matter to me, DRM is underhanded bullshit any way you slice it, and I'll be happy to be rid of it.

    on 7/16/2007 10:30 AM

  6. Anonymous said,

    Thanks for the post Jason, I use WMP9 and didn't have to go thru all the steps; I just opened the program and selected the file and it converted it. Really cool mate!

    on 2/09/2008 11:20 PM

  7. Tacocat said,

    Will this work for Vista as well?

    on 3/03/2008 10:23 AM

  8. Anonymous said,

    This procedure does not work on WMP v.11 OR VISTA

    on 4/02/2008 10:57 PM

  9. Anonymous said,

    Hi Jason, GREAT WORK.

    Unfortunately I have stripped out all WMP as well as activex and scripting tools. They are just to vulnerable to hackers/Trojans/viri.

    But now I have a few files I can no longer use. Is there a way for me to strip the drm out without haveing to install the security holes that are M$.

    on 8/21/2009 7:20 AM

  10. Bylios said,

    great job!!! it is a really good news for drm removal from itunes.
    Does it works avaiable on my macbook?

    on 7/28/2012 8:29 PM