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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Microsoft Word Tips to make your work faster and efficient

  • Work Menu
    If you find yourself creating numerous Word documents each day, there are typically several you know you will want to return to, but by that time they have filtered through your 'recent' documents and are now in some default location. Typically you go looking for them. The Work menu in Word can save a lot of time.
    1. On the Tools menu, click Customize and then click the Commands tab
    2. Under Categories, click Built-in menus, and then from under Commands, drag the Work menu to your toolbar
    • To add a file to the Work menu, open the file, click the Work menu, and then click Add to Work Menu
    • To access a file you've already added, click the Work menu and then click the file name
    • To delete a file from that menu, press Ctrl+Alt+-, and when your mouse cursor turns into a minus sign, click the Work menu and then click the file you want to delete

  • Quick Tips
    • Document Map
      To view a document's organization and jump to different sections, on the View menu, click Document Map
    • Number Rows
      To number rows in a table, select the left column, and then click the Numbering button
    • Preserve Formatting
      To preserve formatting when you move or copy a paragraph, include the paragraph mark ()
    • Drawing
      To use a button on the Drawing toolbar multiple times, double-click the button.