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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Nokia launches Online Free updates for its phones

Nokia has announced the availability of Nokia Software Updater application, which helps users update their Nokia handsets. The application is free and can be used from selected Nokia local support web pages as well as from its dedicated site.

After running a trial of the application last year, Nokia has managed to improve the program, thus enabling people to update their mobiles directly from the PC, without having to visit a service point.

"For example, the recent software update for the Nokia N80 added support for internet calls. The Nokia Software Updater can make it fast and easy for people to get the latest software for their compatible Nokia device. As mobile devices become more like computers in terms of performance, it's a natural step for us to offer internet based software updates so that people can have the best available capabilities in their Nokia device." - States the website.

Nokia Software Updater is compatible with most Nokia devices, including some of the best selling 3G devices such as Nokia N70, Nokia N73 and Nokia E61. Further more, the application is now available in almost 40 different languages. The link to Nokia Software Updater is also available in the most recent versions of Nokia PC Suite software.

As soon as the Nokia PC software is installed, users can connect their compatible Nokia device to the PC, and the application will automatically detect any updates available, which can even add new features to the phone.

The updating process is simple and fast, as Nokia already accustomed its fans.