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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Running Spotplex Full Blast on my Blog

Today I had finally got an invite to join the Spotplex Network. I have added their code into my blog and now what's so cool is that each article that is read by you results in a count on the Spotplex Page.

Checkout my page on Spotplex(http://www.spotplex.com/code.php?code=47882) you'll understand what I mean't.

There has been large scale debates online - if Spotplex would become the next Digg Killer app in making. I personally feel it may really be a new collaborative technology in making rather than a replacement for any other service.

Also, Spotplex maynot work that well with some small time websites which have a few hundred page view's everyday. Since most of their articles will never see light of day on Spotplex's main page.

Check out the cool widget below that I have got from Spotplex, it lists down the most viewed pages from this Blog. Do let me know your comments on this.

Also, do tell me if it would be a nice idea to replace my current "Top 10 Content of My Blog" on the right navigation bar to this cool widget from Spotplex.