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Friday, March 16, 2007

Simple steps to get a Rapidshare Life Time Free PREMIUM ACCOUNT

After the tremendous response I got for my previous post "How to Bypass Megaupload country limit", now it's time to attack rapidshare.
For UNLIMITED download/upload its very easy to fool RapidShare server if your IP address is assigned by your ISP.

Just follow these simple steps:
  • Clean up IE or netscape or Firefox cookie( In this case the one that belong to rapidshare website)
  • On Command prompt (open MS-DOS)
type -----> ipconfig /flushdns <---Enter
type -----> ipconfig /release <---Enter
type -----> ipconfig /renew <---Enter
type -----> exit <--------Enter

  • Or save these commands in a bat file and run it everytime you need to fool Rapidshare server. Remember to clean up rapidshare cookie in your temp Internet files folder.

Now you should be ready to download/upload as many files as you want from their server.

There is yet another method to get proxies from the internet and apply to the browser.
some of proxies might not work though...

If you are on a LAN and behind a router (using NAT, for example)---this will not work.
If you use a fixed proxy--- this will not work.
If you have a fixed IP address from your ISP or college or employer or whatever -- this will not work.
If you happen to get the same IP address from your DHCP server because it's assigned to you -- this will not work

If you don't like the waiting - Just eliminate/get rid of waiting in Rapidshare by following this:
THIS "cheat" for RAPIDSHARE DOWNLOADS eliminates the "WAITING" for the file. No more COUNTDOWNS. So here's what you need to do:

1. First ofcourse - find a rapidshare download.
2. Hit the FREE BUTTON, like always.
3. While your waiting for it to countdown, change the URL in the bar to:
java script:c(countdown = 0);
and hit ENTER or the GO button over and over. Eachtime you do so, it decreases 10-20 seconds. Few times and the link appears.
or you can simply do the code below ONCE
java script: for (i=0; i<30;>


  1. Anonymous said,

    Mate, this is cool; seems that you know well about these stuff..keep it up.

    on 3/25/2007 6:53 AM

  2. Anonymous said,

    hey jasons,

    i am trying to do what you said but everytime i do, the page automatic goes to google. do we have to type the http// stuff? also do we have to put the word "code:" or just java script:c(countdown = 0); thanks.

    on 5/03/2007 3:28 PM

  3. Jason S said,

    Hi Pal,

    You will need to put the http stuff in :)

    Just puttuing in java script:c(countdown = 0);

    Should do :)


    on 5/03/2007 3:48 PM

  4. Anonymous said,

    Cheers man thanks for posting this

    on 1/16/2008 12:49 AM