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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Springloops :: An online source code management tool

Springloops is an online(free/paid) source code management tool for web development teams which require rapid collaboration.

There seem to have risen a solution hosting for SubVersion (examples show the optimal TortoiseSVN in action!) planned particularly for the web. When you begin to use it, you realize it is beyond that with a SVN client. It is has an elegant web interface and manages deployment to multiple web servers (via ftp) and also integration with Basecamp in order to manage the progress of the plan.

At the moment, at least during the phase Beta, all the services are free.

I still do not know if Springloops is truly a good system, but want to point out that I like the elegant, simple and it is very planned : simple diagram but cool, none of the annoying animations or flashes and a good layout, much leggibile.

Team members can easily commit changes, view logs, back-up to previous versions of code, and easily deploy changes to your servers.