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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Superfast Yahoo Widgets Engine 4.0 Released

Yahoo Widgets Engine is an interesting application developed by Yahoo that helps Windows and Mac OSX owners place widgets on their desktops. The widgets represent tiny tools with an attractive interface able to add a simple function or to display only one type of information (CPU info, weather, calendar), being based on the main platform designed by the company. Because they are able to make the desktop more attractive, numerous users are already using Yahoo Widgets, the application that was previously named Konfabulator.

Some time ago, the giant portal announced its teams are now working on the 4.0 version that is meant to be more powerful and efficient than ever. This morning, Yahoo finally released the product, making it available as a free download.

Yahoo Widgets 4 is compatible with both Mac and Windows and contains several important improvements added by the company: increased speed for the functionality of the downloadable application, a mini widget sidebar able to include all the gadgets currently available, allowing you to preview the tiny tools, numerous widgets developed by the company and a lot of tiny improvements to make the product work better.

As far I can see, Yahoo Widgets 4 works quite fast because it requires a very low amount of memory on both Windows and Mac. Although I started 10 widgets, the computer was still working very fast so I guess the improvements are quite efficient. The company also improved the appearance of the page, changing the design according to the new features implemented in the 4.0 version of the application.

If you want to download Yahoo Widgets 4.0 and give it a try. Click here.