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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Excel Tip :: Get to know all about Hidden Sheets in Excel

In Excel, to hide a sheet you can select the sheet, go to menu Format, choice Sheet and finally
Hide. But the sheet will be visible in the option "Unhide".

To completely hide a sheet, you can activate VBA by pressing
. Navigate in the project structure to select your
sheet: VBAProject (your workbook) > Microsoft Excel Objects > SheetN (your
. Then, in the Properties windows (F4 to display this window), update the property
-1- xlSheetVisible to
2 - xlSheetVeryHidden.

This way, your sheet will not be visible in the Excel user interface, but you will always be able to use data from this sheet. This is very interesting for value lists, parameters or other values that don't need to be seen or printed.