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Thursday, April 19, 2007

How about paying your Tax for the year via SMS?

Looks like from the past few days, I have been biten by the Tax bug - coz I have posted articles on Tax. Well, wouldn't it be the best solution for everybody to pay the taxes by SMS? Since we have the taxes deadline inching close and it can be very frustrating if you had a busy day at work and don't want to lose any more time staying in the queues of the IT office to pay the tax. There are more than a million people that would probably agree with me on that. The online tax payment solution is already insufficient for the amount of people that decide to pay taxes comfortably from their own PCs, as more and more people choose this alternative.

The traffic gets jammed in seconds. And with such a flooded network, you'd better go to the physical location, then wait for your turn. Everybody uses messaging from their mobile devices; so why not paying taxes from the handsets in a matter of seconds?

Unfortunately, only the Filipinos are lucky enough to be able to pay this way, as the new service named “PAYBIR” will allow all the Filipinos to pay taxes by sending a simple SMS. And with the Filipino population number, it’s a relief to have such an opportunity.

After all, the mobile messaging industry is reportedly known to be even bigger than the movie or the music industry and brings huge profits to the mobile communication companies. It's only a matter of time before mobile messaging will have other functions than the social one.

The service is available after a former partnership between Globe Telecom and the Bank of Philippines which already uses a G-Cash service that makes the tax payment so much easier for the customers.

You have to admit that all these types of solutions are temporary, as millions of people are going to use them, while others are going to wait for the network to be available. What do you say?