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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Maxthon Browser bought by Google

Maxthon is one of the most popular browsers on the Internet, being based on the Internet Explorer engine but offering almost the same functions as the Mozilla Firefox browser. Because Maxthon can somehow bundle two programs - Maxthon attracts many users. Although there is NO official words yet, but it seems like Google took the partial ownership over the browser for $1 billion as TechCrunch reported.

Maxthon is a China based application available for free to all users in every corner of the world. Google had several attempts to expand their products into the Asian market but every time, the company was rejected by users and local rivals. Since Maxthon is a powerful application in the area, Google aims to use the browser as the perfect way of promoting their products and services to the Chinese Internet users.

Another speculation concerning an implementation of the Google products is quickly spreading on the Internet. We should expect a personalized version of Maxthon bundled with Google products such as Google Toolbar and other utilities able to provide instant access to the servicesto be rolled out soon.