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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Google Audio Ads to be launched shortly in your local Radio Stations

Google Audio Ads are designed to facilitate advertising on traditional radio stations such as those you may listen to in the car, in the gym or anywhere else on your AM/FM radio. This new product aims to make the long standing process of buying radio advertising as simple and efficient as possible, while allowing you to manage it from your existing Google AdWords account.

The new beta stage session started by Google that allows advertisers to send their ads to numerous US radio stations to promote their products using the offline media. The beta offering was recently announced and it’s based on the acquisition of Clear Channel Radio, a company that owns numerous stations in the US. Today, the search giant provided a little bit more information about the audio ads, sustaining that it's possible to hear the adverts wherever you are and if an AM / FM radio is turned on.

As you might know, the first test was started a long time ago when the search giant decided to take the advertising platform into the offline media. Soon after the beta session was started, the search giant wanted even more and decided to sign deals with several US publications to move the adverts straight in the newspapers' pages. However, Google managed to win and keep the leader position, making its advertising platform the most popular solution on the Internet.