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Monday, May 28, 2007

INTEL to go completely green with Lead Free Chips

Intel - the world's largest Chip maker has vowed that beginning later this year, it will no longer include any lead in its processors and chipsets - meaning it will have eliminated all of the toxic substance of the computer chips.

Intel has announced that 95 percent of the lead that was in its chips is already gone, and the remaining 0.02 grams will be removed with its next line of chips. It is making these moves to alleviate environmental concerns over its production practices.

Going green has becoming an increasingly popular public relations push for technology companies over sometime now. If I am not wrong Sun Microsystems was one of the first companies which began the movement in late 2005 with an "eco-friendly chip" and since then other companies, including Apple, have also made efforts to become more environmentally friendly.

Other environmental efforts by Intel include new transistors that use less power, as well as recycling initiatives and reducing the emissions from its production facilities.

Intel is not the only chipmaker to reduce and eliminate lead from its chips; rival AMD has a similar initiative that began in 2005.

Good Job and all the Best to all you guys at Intel!!