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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Vidipedia - The world's First Video encyclopaedia :: A complete review

You'll probably know Wikipedia and Youtube, two of the sites most visited in the World. But when you mix the two concepts you will obtain: Vidipedia - The world's First Video encyclopaedia.

What do I think of this service at present? It's a rather difficult question to answer. My understanding is that two types of contents can find place in this service:
  • Videos that have already created for other uses: seems to be the case for those videos present on the current site now. One is likely to see re-uploaded videos on Vidipedia of those that are already present on Youtube, or other such sites
  • Secondly, Videos created specifically for Vidipedia: it is a little easy to Voice off your thought in the form of audio, but to do it with video appears much more complex.
Several questions can then arise, more sensitive than with other textual contents:
  • How to validate the “encyclopaedic” range of a video? For example at present, one can see there it video of a man reversed by a shooting with the bazooka. Is one really in the contribution of knowledge? Will a video on a concert of Britney Spears be classified in the cultural contents?
  • Which is the relevance of the search engine with respect to the video? This one is based on semantics, and the results will depend on the description which the uploader of the video will want to make.
  • There is also the traditional problem of the royalties and the right to the image.
In short, if it is a specifically video encyclopaedia as the site seems to be at present -- then is it really functional? The videos should come simply of illustration from articles already existing, as it is already the case for the images? The future of Vidipedia lies in all our hands!!