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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Google Blocks many reputed blogs using its SPAM robots

Hi friends,

Last evening I was shocked to find that this blog (The Most Authoritative Technology Blog) has been blocked by Google's SPAM robots - suspecting it to be a Spam Blog. Well, I wasn't alone - there are many other reputed blogs on blogger that have been blocked too :(

I fail to understand the way the Google's Spam Robot is working. From the last 6 months I have been regularly posting (at least 1 article per day) - So how can it term this blog to be a Spam Blog.

Also, even after I have entered the word verification to get my blog unblocked. A sorry message came up saying Google was sorry for their robots marking - but now I have to wait for days it seems until an employee of Google verified the Blog personally and regarded it not to be a Spam Blog.

The timing of the Spam robot has been very bad for my blog and many other's too. All the blogs were blocked on Saturday and since Sunday is a holiday - it seems it will be quite sometime before a Google employees came to office and verified it.

I also suspect this action of the Spam robot to block this blog may be related to me posting right out of Microsoft's Live Writer Beta. Well, let me hope how much time more I need to wait before I can even post this message.


Update: Finally today (5th June) - a good 4 days later (includes 2 business days) - my blog has been unlocked and an apology mail sent from Google. But I was able to post even during the blocked time by using the method I have described here. Hence, I guess you might haven't experienced the downtime in article's coming up that much.