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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How to easily Search in Google using your email?

Did you know that you can easily search and receive Google search results through email. Though I am not very sure when such a scenario would be helpful, but it will be of use for people in some companies where the domain google might be blocked and yet you want to search.

Here's how you can do it.

Just send an email to "google@capeclear.com" and put the text of your search query in the "Subject" line.

You will receive the search results as an email to your mail id.

E.g.: I emailed google@capeclear.com with the subject "Jason S Bangalore"

And below is a screenshot of what I got back.

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  1. Eklavya said,

    A very nice tip indeed. But I don't think any company will ban the domain 'Google' from it's intranet. It will be ridiculous but who knows.

    on 6/15/2007 11:32 PM

  2. Jason S said,

    Nice that you found the tip interesting!!

    Yes Eklavya even I too was under the same impression - until a few days back when one of my pal's joined a company which had a whole host of domains banned - including google :(


    on 6/15/2007 11:38 PM

  3. Anonymous said,

    It would be nice if I could have the code that driving this email to google thing behind the scene .. any one ?

    on 7/12/2007 12:02 AM